Population of Israel

Write an essay on population of israel

This essay will be organized in an essay format and requires some aspects of an argument. You need multiple sources – at least five. Please use APA referencing system with in-text references.

Explain the following for your country:Current populationPopulation densityFive Most populated citiesRNIDoubling TimeLife expectancyDependency RateLiteracy RateAverage incomePopulation vs. availability of resourcesThe stage of the demographic transition model the country is inPopulation policies (current or past)Current population related concerns (too big? too small? too old? too young?)Explain the following migration patterns:Current internal or external net migration and explanationPush and/or Pull factors for migrantsImmigration policiesFigures/images to include:Population pyramidPick two different types of maps to show populationfor example a dot distribution or cartogramMigration map or graph if possible

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