Portfolio Project – C++ Concurrency Concepts

For this Portfolio Project, I had to demonstrate an understanding of the various concepts discussed in each class. For the first part of my Portfolio Project, I created a C++ application that will exhibit concurrency concepts (You do not need to do any additional work. I’ve attached my sources code). My application needed to create two threads that will act as counters. One thread should count up to 20. Once thread one reaches 20, then a second thread should be used to count down to 0.From my code, write a detailed analysis of appropriate concepts that could impact the application. Specifically, address these three points:1.Performance issues with concurrency2.Vulnerabilities exhibited with the use of strings3.Security of the data types exhibited.In preparing your response, you should include at least one source from professional or academic literature, such as articles from peer-reviewed journals and relevant textbooks. The use of Wikipedia is not considered an academic or professional reference. You should also ensure to proofread and spell-check your responses. All sources should be formatted using APA guidelines.

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