Producing Detail Reports

Displaying orion.customer_dim with the PRINT Procedure

a. Write a PRINT step to display orion.customer_dim.

b. Modify the program to display a subset of orion.customer_dim by selecting only the observations for customers between the ages of 30 and 40. Also, suppress the Obscolumn. The resulting report should contain 17 observations.

c. Add a statement to use Customer_ID instead of Obs as the identifying column. Submit the program and verify the results.

d. Add a statement to limit the variables to those shown in the report below.


Customer_IDCustomer_Name Age Customer_Type

4 James Kvarniq 33 Orion Club members low activity

9 Cornelia Krahl 33 Orion Club Gold members medium activity

11 Elke Wallstab 33 Orion Club members high activity

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The post Producing Detail Reports

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