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For your second written assignment, you are tasked with taking the essential elements of writing a profile thatwe have covered in lecture, and creating a profile about a person of interest to you. Beyond just relayingfactual ideas about whomever you choose to be your subject, you should identify a central theme about theirlives that you want to highlight. A good starting point might be looking at a person who has attempted to solvean everyday problem or taken on a societal issue that is large and daunting. The choice is up to you, butremember, the task of all writing is to persuade so use your words to make your reader see an essentialelement of the person’s life that you choose to write about. You should begin your writing with an outline byidentifying the five steps to a portrait detailed on page 167 of your text, which are:

Identify a subjectIdentify your interest in the subject. Why did you choose this person? What is interesting to you about theirlife?Find a central theme you want to write into about this person’s life or experience that you are highlightingDefine how you will do your research and get info on your subjectAssess who your target audience is. Think outside of just myself or your classmates as the readers. Imagineyour profile was going to be featured in a publication. What types of people would read that publication? Whowould be your audience?

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