Project;Rock Types & Rock Cycle

Through a series of illustrations along with captions and commentary, create a presentation in a format of your choice (Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, Microsoft Word, Adobe pdf, YouTube, etc.) based on describing the 3 main types of rocks in addition to the different processes involved in the rock cycle.In your presentation, include the following items:

a description of the main types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, & metamorphic),various examples of each rock type,the connection of magma & sediments in the rock cycle processes,how different types of geological processes (weathering & erosion, compaction & cementation, heat & pressure, cooling & melting) are involved within the rock cycle.Be sure to have appropriate figures, maps, graphs, tables, etc. in your presentation. Include a listing of the references used. Since this is a presentation and not a formal writing assignment, your citing & listing of references does not have to be in APA format. There is no required minimum or maximum length for this project, but do include a cover page (slide) with your name & title, plus a references list page (slide) at the end.Use at least 5 different references in the creation of this project.This project will be scored according to the following:organization & clarity (25%)accuracy (25%)completeness (25%)creativity (25%)


Look under contents under chapter 3:

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