Rural Georgia Sexual Assault Center (RGSAC)

Rural Georgia Sexual Assault Center (RGSAC) serves an 8-county area in south Georgia. The University located in the direct vicinity of the organization is the largest employer in the area. RGSAC provides: direct response to victims of sexual assault, community education concerning sexual assault and its prevention, advocacy for sexual assault victims through direct services and liaison relationships (including medical, legal, social services, and law enforcement), and follow up support through referral to other community services. Their vision is to ensure than no victim of sexual assault goes unheard in a community that understands the impact of sexual violence on its members.

The organization is currently struggling to recruit and retain their volunteer base. They have 1 designated staff member who works with volunteers and can allocate 100% of his time to management and training. They have a small, limited annual budget for volunteer development and marketing. An additional challenge they face is recruiting community members as opposed to the student population who need volunteer hours.

As a consultant, you are tasked with creating a volunteer recruitment plan for RGSAC between 3 and 5 full pages (APA format) using the information you have available (In some instances, you may feel it necessary to make assumptions for this organization). Organize your plan in the following way:

Pre-Recruitment Planning;Targeting Potential Volunteers;Outreach and Screening; andFollow-Up and Orientation.

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