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In terms of DNA it would be the DNA Module of a LIMS (one sub-part of a larger system). A LIMS is a“Laboratory Information Management System,” and the term can encompass a lot of different softwareprograms. You will find the most common system-wide programs in the “real world” to be JusticeTrax, PorterLee (i.e., “The Beast”), STARLIMS, and Starfruit. There are MANY different specific forensic disciplineapplications; for example, very specialized companies that work within toxicology, or drugs, or DNA only. Thereare also many other home-grown versions.Create a tracking system that can be computerized that would allow anyone (Other analysts, States Attorneys,Defense Attorneys, Investigating Officers) to track the evidence submitted in a case from the submissionthrough the analysis (Submission, Serology Screening, Extraction, Quantification, Amplification andElectrophoresis). This process will include the naming convention from evidence through sample injection. Youwill be expected to itemize and list the items and sub-items as you move through the analysis process. want you to give me a layout of what evidence tracking would look like based on your understanding of theflow and what important things need to be tracked throughout the process. You can lay it out on excel andinclude some narrative.

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