Sexual Harassment Complaints in Australia

Consider the law of the Commonwealth in the context of this issue.

With reference to the law and policy guidelines in that jurisdiction, respond to the following essay question:

Argue for or against the following proposition:

In the post- #MeToo era, Commonwealth law (and related national policy guidelines) strikes the right balance between protecting the rights of a sexual harassment complainant with the respondent’s right to procedural fairness. Referring to this article: ‘From #MeToo to #WhatNext?’, UNE Connect (Blog Post, 6 December 2019) <>In doing so, be sure to:

(a) accurately and succinctly summarise the relevant Commonwealth law; (Sex Discrimination Act 1984)(b) fairly represent and address the strongest counter-arguments against your position; and(c) draw upon primary and secondary sources to support your argument, including legislation, case law, journal articles and public policy documentation.

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The post Sexual Harassment Complaints in Australia

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