Small Business Recruiting and Staffing Plan

Create a recruiting and staffing strategy forGenMet, a small manufacturing company located in Mequon, Wisconsin. For this paper, you will need towrite a recruiting and staffing plan for a machinist. The paper should be a minimum of 4 pages and amaximum of 8 pages.In this paper, you will outline the following:1) Introduction – include a thesis statement and a preview of your paper2) Legal landscape – what are special legal considerations you would like the company to be awareof?3) Recruiting plan for the position selecteda. Explain what recruiting is and why it is importantb. Explain the tools you will use to find candidates for the position and why you selectedeach tool for that level or type of position4) Create a staffing plan for the position selected, including but not limited to:a. Explain what staffing is and why it is importantb. What assessments will you use? Why? See pages 176-181 in your textbook.c. What type of interviewing will you use? Why?

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