Social Psychology Problem Proposal

Identity a problem that has not yet been fully explored, or continue to investigate an experiment, problem, or idea present in social psychology. As possible

future researchers, you will develop proposals to further investigate problems in psychology in general, or social psychology specifically. You do not need to

actually try the proposal rather you are presenting a reason/s and need for further research. Paper must include the following:

Literature Review: At least one peer-reviewed article closely related to your problem. Approximately two paragraphs review of the “problem” as stated in the

literature review.Identification of the problem: This should be your interpretation of the problem. Two to three paragraphs.Proposed Hypotheses: Might be the results of your injury or investigation. What do you think might occur? One two to paragraphs.Discussion of Methods: This will be the method of research and also include any ethical concerns with your experiment. Approximately one page.Conclusion: will include the scientific usefulness of your problem. One to two paragraphs.References: will include your literature reviewed as a separate reference page

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