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Answer the two question in the review section, write till you feel you have answered the question to the best ofyour ability.Key TakeawaysSociological theories may be broadly divided into macro approaches and micro approaches.Functionalism emphasizes the importance of social institutions for social stability and implies that far-reachingsocial change will be socially harmful.Conflict theory emphasizes social inequality and suggests that far-reaching social change is needed to achievea just society.Symbolic interactionism emphasizes the social meanings and understandings that individuals derive from theirsocial interaction.Utilitarianism emphasizes that people act in their self-interest by calculating whether potential behaviors will bemore advantageous than disadvantageous.For Your ReviewIn thinking about how you view society and individuals, do you consider yourself more of a macro thinker or amicro thinker?At this point in your study of sociology, which one of the three sociological traditions sounds most appealing toyou? Why?

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