South Carolina Department of corrections essay

How many institutions are there in South Carolina Department of corrections? 21 institutions

How many MAs our house in the SCDC system? As of June 30, 2018 the total is 19,372 inmates

Name and describe the four distinct security levels.

Level 1-A : Pre-release/workcenters that house minimum security non-violent am I who are within 36 months of releaseLevel 1-B : minimum security facility is the house in mates with relatively short sentences or time to serveLevel 2: minimum security institutions housing is primarily double bunk cell type with some institutions having double bunk cubicles… single fence parameters and electronics surveillanceLevel 3: High security institutions designed primarily to house violent offenders with longer sentences, and inmates who exhibit behavioral problems.

Summarize the “operation behind bars” program and what is the purpose of this program?Utilizes a more realistic approach rather than answer mandation or scare tactics. The program is targeted towards young adults and allows them to tour a prison facility and then hear inmates give realistic accounts of actions that led to their criminal behavior.

Summarize the visitation procedures for the SCDC inmates.Each MA is allowed to have 15 approve visitors on his or her visiting list. HMA is provided with request for visiting privileges forms to send to his or her prospective visitor. Each individual must complete the form and forward it to the visitation through the central visitation center for processing.

Summarize the impact of crime program.A structure class curriculum which causes the offenders a put themselves in a place of the victim and it serves to bring about a greater understanding of the pain and suffering caused by the crime

What other services are offered for victims of crimes through SCDC?Domestic violence assistanceMurder WallWorkplace stalking

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