Special Crime Scene Considerations

In the case of Natalie Holloway, it was necessary for the Police in Aruba to search the local landfill for the possible disposal of her body. This posed significant problems and obstacles for the police. A homicide investigator from your agency advised you that a suspect in a homicide has just revealed that he had disposed of the victim’s body in the county landfill two months ago, and you are needed to establish a search of the landfill based upon this new information. The body is said to be contained in a large black plastic construction bag which was picked up from a dumpster behind a local grocery store. Your agency chief requests for you to brief him and to advise him of your general plan regarding this search. 1. How will you begin the search? 2. The media is asking the chief questions regarding this pending search of the landfill. What are you going to advise that your chief regarding your search plans for the landfill?

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