Statics and Mechanics of Materials

Practice making axial force diagrams for a variety of problems that you can create and see the resulting axial force diagrams. You can use principal of linear superposition to combine results from both files to solve for a problem with both concentrated and distributed loads on it (Just add them together at each point). Once you are comfortable with producing correct axial force diagrams complete the following.

Create your own example of a statically determinant axial rod with multiple loads applied to it (at least one section having a distributed load and a minimum of two concentrated loads on the rod. Only one end of rod is fixed.) (a) Give a reference coordinate system (define x and the range of values it has for your problem). (b) Solve overall equilibrium for the reaction force, and (c) Determine the axial force as each value of x giving the magnitude as a function of position, N(x). For part (c), provide appropriate free body diagrams for each sub-domain that yields the expression for the axial force that you are showing in your diagram. Present your solution in an easy to follow format that states the problem being solved, gives an annotated sketch of the problem, gives FBD’s expressing the valid sub-domain your reference position, your equilibrium equation and the solution of that equation for the axial force. Verify that your solution is correct using the excel files.

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