Structural Empowerment

Narratively and concisely describe how the qualifications of each requirement element.Include how the nurse had advanced/improved nursing practice in the Emergency Room as a result inparticipating in each activity.Identify the need or problemLiterature reviewImplementation/ Action PlanOutcomes/ Evaluation–EDCAHPS question “Care within 30 minutes of ER arrival–EDCAHPS were 72.57. The 50th percentile were 83.8(unable to evaluate EDCAHPS score at this time due to COVID suspension) The CAHPS picked back up inJuly and we will be able to review at the end of August. I plan to continue to implement these.–Implemented a Tracking My Care Card that starts with registration, triage, provider, labratory and radiology.We began with trial bases having each department sign off and have now gone live with all patients to beresponsible for their tracking of their care.–Education based for patients to understand their care and who is seeing them.–On the card has a customer service number for patients to contact and also “mychart” access so they canreview their results at home.

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