Studying a denomination

Choose a denomination unfamiliar to you, and begin to curate a digital archive on this denomination. This week, I want you to choose the denomination you want to study (from the list I provide in the syllabus, or another denomination – but please check with me first if you choose a denomination not on the list). In 300-500 words, tell me why do you want to study this particular denomination? What is it that seems interesting to you? What do you hope to learn?

Dominations to choose from:Southern BaptistsAfrican American EvangelicalUnitarian UniversalistUnited ChurchEpiscopalian ChurchGreek OrthodoxCopticPresbyterianMethodistFoursquare ChurchAssemblies ofGodEvangelical Christianity in the United StatesCalvinistSeventh-Day AdventistChurch of latter-Day Saints (Mormon)Holiness ChurchesLutheran Church

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