Team Norms and Procedures

In the Session Long Project for this course, you are working with several classmates as a virtual team on a project. This project involves the assessment of both group and individual work. Your team’s process and task output will serve as the material for this SLP. Remember to respond to the Discussion that is set up for your team.

Keys to the AssignmentBy the end of this module, submit your Team SLP Assignment to include a 2- to 3-page team paper with at least two scholarly sources that address the following:

Identify at least two communication and two task norms that operate in your team. Remember that norms can be “unspoken.”

What problems/limitations did you run across due to a lack of norms governing your team’s behavior?

Did you try anything to overcome the obstacles? How did it work?

What norms do you think your team should have established to make your work go more smoothly?

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