Texas v. Johnson

Students must pick one US Supreme Court case that did not conclude in an unanimous decision. From theconcurring and dissenting (for and against) Supreme Court Opinions, students must cite, explain, and explorethe logic for and against the case. Three arguments by the Supreme Court Justices in favor of each side mustbe analyzed. Students are encouraged to read the primary sources which are written by the Supreme CourtJustice Opinions to learn their official position. This is an analysis paper that explores two sides of acontroversy.Paper requires a light explanation of the case with proper quotations/citations.Students must find at least one relevant academic article about the case or the subject matter. These articleswill be found from academic journals. Students may find academic journals from the JSTOR or EBSCO servers(found in the SanJac library). Cases after year 2004 may not have an academic article yet, if this is the case,news articles or policy center articles may be used.In addition to the academic sources, students may also site congressional speeches, additional Supreme CourtJustice Opinions, Presidential speeches, non-fiction books, biographies, autobiographies or laws on this topic.No blogs, opinion articles, or Wikipedia articles are permitted.Only in the conclusion paragraph, students may choose to side with either the concurring or dissenting opinion.As always, students must accurately quote all sources and keep the paper in third person.

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