The Castle Doctrine


The Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Laws” Please respond to the following:• From the e-Activity, consider the key reasons why some states’ legislatures modified the castle doctrine. Select an article within the past five years where either the castle doctrine or the stand your ground law was used as a defense and discuss whether or not you agree or disagree with the use of the defense by the assailant – did they successfully make their case? Provide a rationale to support your response and respond to no less than one of your peers.• In your response posts, if your colleague agreed the defense made their case, see if you can offer an argument in opposition that they did not, and that they should be convicted. If they disagreed, see if you can offer an argument in opposition that their defense should have succeeded.

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Sade WilliamsRE: Week 4 Discussion

From the e-Activity, the castle doctrine has been modified in certain states because people have altered the way in which they commit crimes.These days, an individual can shoot you while driving and you would have no idea at what is coming your way. Now that we have the stand your ground law. You have the right to shoot back and there should be no charges pending against you (that is if you survive the shooting). Another example of the stand your ground law would be an individual walking into your home and assault you. Now you can use deadly force if in-fact you feel harm will come to you . Various states do not require a homeowner to warn the criminal they can just shoot to kill. It is a simply a choice made by the owner, but you must be mindful of your actions or one could face jail time if all the fact do not add up.The Stand your ground case in Florida ends with manslaughter. Michael Drejka was found guilty of manslaughter for killing Markeis McGlockton. An argument arise over a parking spot outside a convenience store in Clearwater, Fla., last summer. Mr. McGlockton was unarmed when Mr. Drejka shot him to death. Prosecutor charged Mr. Drejka with manslaughter because it was the correct thing to do. In the article, it states that Mr. Drejka did not testify. I think he should have had a chance to speak on his behalf because he could have self incriminated himself even more than what was told from the prosecuting attorney. I totally get the fact that one may be upset behind someone taking their parking spot but find another one. It’s not that serious until you pull out your weapon and shoot another individual and take him away from his family.In my opinion, the defense did not make their case because Mr. Drejka killed an innocent person who could not defend himself in a way that would make the playing field even. Mr. McGlockton, did not steal anything nor did he harm anyone. So, to pull out a gun just means that you are a coward and you deserve to be behind bars.Hassan, A.; Bogel-Burroughs, N. (2019). Stand your Ground Case in Florida Ends with Manslaughter verdict.

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