The fairest testing procedure

Using scientific evidence as the basis for your recommendation, develop a testing procedure that you think is the most fair and write some notes about it that include your recommendation and rationale.

You must use at least 2 peer-reviewed articles (not counting the one we used for class) to make your argument. For this assignment, you may simply provide links to the articles.

Your notes may be in either bullet points or paragraph form, but please number your answers/notes as shown below.

Details you must include:

What specific tests do you recommend and why? You are not limited to the tests being performed currently or in the past. Look at the scientific literature and come up with your own recommendation. Be as specific as possible. For example, if you recommend testosterone testing, then what is the cutoff and why? If you choose to recommend that no testing should be done, you must still use examples of scientific data that support how you came to your conclusion.Who should get tested and why? e.g. All athletes competing in women’s sports? Only when a question is raised about the sex of an athlete? All athletes in both women’s and men’s sports? No testing at all?Explain and address the counter-arguments and ethical issues associated with your solution.Citations

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