The HEEP virtual field trip

Did any features of the HEEP surprise you? Why or why not?What are some of the types of environmental remediation provided by the HEEP? Give at least 3 examples.Who monitors the HEEP? What do they monitor?What ecosystem service is provided by wetlands? Do you think they are worth protecting?Look up another example of a restored or remediated landfill site. Give the name and location of your siteand identify who/what is responsible for the restoration/remediation. If you’d like, include a photo of your site.Explain your answer. Please do not regurgitate the questions, the tour audio, or the linked website – use yourown words (around 300 words).Mention at least 5 specific points as you address these questions. (40 points)Explanation at a critical level, not just recitation of facts. (30 points)

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The post The HEEP virtual field trip

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