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Maus is not just the story of one family’s tragedy during the Holocaust. It is also Art Spiegelman’s memoir, his dealings with his father. While it is very clear that this graphic novel is autobiographical, even fiction writers put their own lives into their texts in varied ways. Aside from Maus, what text that we studied this semester did you find most autobiographical? In your answer, you should incorporate details from the author’s life as well as how those details manifested themselves in their story/poetry/novel/play.

Be sure to cite your source(s) for information—but do not use Wikipedia.This essay will consist of two sections. In the first section, you will discuss the text you liked the best; the second section will deal with the text you liked the least. But here’s the catch. You are not to base your answer on the artistic merits of the text, but on your own life. What did the poem/song/story/etc touch upon in your own life that made you like it or dislike it?

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