The meaning of education

Writer’s explain what the meaning of education is you and what is the significance of education in your life? voiceExplain what the meaning of education is and what is the significance of education in your life?Before you start writing, consider the following questions to help you formulate ideas:Think critically and reflect on the following categories:What was the purpose of your education? Why were you sent to school?What did your teachers teach you about the world? When? How? Why?Was your experience in schools “good”? How do you know?Develop alternatives and reflect on positive and negative learning/teaching experiences.Reflect on how the events you have written about shaped and will shape your experiences as a learner andprofessional practitioner.Critically reflect on how others (adults, peers, etc.) shaped and/or influenced you as a learner – teacher.Reasons you have chosen to go into your chosen profession and what you hope to accomplish.As you write the first draft consider the following elements:As you are writing, it is important to think carefully about both the intentional and unintentional learning (e.g.hidden values, messages, rules, beliefs) that impact your beliefs and values regarding school.You will be writing about your personal experience as well as incorporating information from our readings. Youmust use at least two of the readings covered in this unit as sources to help you analyze the issues beingexposed. Be sure to pull in several examples from the readings to illustrate your point.

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