The Twenty-first century America

Purpose: The is an opportunity to synthesize, analyze, and reflect on the readings and other relevant course material. Task: Write a 3-5 page double spaced analytical paper in response to the following question, word count at least 1100.

Consider the following quote from sociologist Shamus Khan: “Twenty-first century America is increasingly open yet relentlessly unequal” (pg. 17). Consider how the course material addresses issues of class, gender, and racial inequality in a number of institutions such as the family, education, and neighborhoods. Write an essay drawing from the course material which explores the ideologies, structural realities, and/or cultural assumptions that support or critique Khan’s assertion.

Note, this question is broadly framed to give you choices about focus and what course material to use. Your essay should be grounded in arguments and details from at least three different assigned readings, as well as lectures, discussions, and films.

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The post The Twenty-first century America

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