Thesis Statement and Analysis of the Rhetorical Situation

The final paper has already been written, but not submitted yet as it is not yet due. The following instructionsare for an assignment that is due before the final paper. I will attach the final paper for you to use to create thisassignment. You will just need to find the Thesis statement in the paper and use some of the information in thepaper to write a few paragraphs as if the paper you are using has not been created yet. Assignmentinstructions are below: (note, I work for the railroad and it is my long-term career that I hope to excel andpromote in which is why I have an interest in this topic.)Assignment InstructionsThe purpose of this assignment is to try to help you to see writing as it is—an important means ofcommunication. To accomplish this, please analyze your research topic more fully by identifying your thesisstatement and carefully considering your rhetorical situation. Remember: your challenge in the research paperis to communicate your purpose clearly to your reader.

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The post Thesis Statement and Analysis of the Rhetorical Situation

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