Transportation Evaluation

The goal of this assignment is to help you review the different types of transportation in a format that most of you are familiar with. This assignment will also help you determine how companies make decisions regarding routing, mode of transportation, and timing.

Select an Express Delivery firm that is active in the United States and explain how their transportation network is set up. In detail, I would like you to take a look at one shipment and analyze how the transportation company managed the delivery of the product from origin to destination.

Calculate the distances and time between the locations mentioned on the tracking statement.Identify the role that each leg of the journey plays (e.g. pick-up, line haul, delivery, etc.).Identify the mode of transportation that is likely used.Explain the routing between origin and destination (e.g. how much of a straight line between origin and destination).Analyze the efficiency of the routing (e.g. why the company likely chose this routing).Express any areas of difficulty.

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