US House of Representatives

The number of people represented by each member of the U.S. House of Representatives has more thantripled since the size of the House grew to 435 members in the early 20th Century. Should the number ofcongressional representatives be increased in the House right now? Would representation be improved if morerepresentatives were added? Is there a limit to the size the House can reach before it cannot operateeffectively and efficiently as a legislative body?Essay Instructions:The purpose of the project is to provide students an opportunity to discuss a key political science concept andto show a basic understanding of academic research and reporting skills. The project consists of producing anessay of at least 750 words on one of the provided topics (see below), as well as works cited page with atleast three sources containing information used in the essay (note: there must be a parenthetical citation at theend of each sentence that contains information from a source). The assignment is to be formatted according tothe Modern Language Association (MLA) style. Students should research this style in order to properly formatthe assignment (see the Purdue Online Writing Lab).

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