Water soil content sensor calibration

For this laboratory activity, you will develop a calibration relationship using data from a commercially-availablesoil water content measurement system and direct soil water content measurements determined from weighingand drying. We will collect data from two soils, each at three moisture conditions (3 reps of each). Data will beprovided after the lab.Prepare a brief report (< 2 pages) describing the measurements we collected. Include a regression comparingsensor response to the direct measurements of water content, and develop a calibration equation with anestimate of a sensor error. Consider the variation in sensor response over the range of moisture conditions(linearity and accuracy), the consistency between measurements at a given condition (precision), and anydifferences in sensor response between the two soils in your explanation of the data. Describe any pertinentlimitations to the calibration relationship you have developed (e.g., is it universal, specific to a particular soil, orlimited to a particular range).

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