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Submit a one-page proposal of what you are planning for your website. Explain why you picked the topic andwho you think the target audience will be. (Be specific when discussing your target.) Provide a website nameand a compelling description.Included in your one-page proposal, suggest a free tool that might attract more targeted users. A free tool is anapp that is unique to your site. Assume you will have to hire programmers to develop this tool. For example,let’s say you have developed a website entitled ‘healthy eating for college students”. You could design an appthat identifies the healthy food options within walking distance of where the user is standing.Subjects to chose form:You will be creating a college themed website using WIX is free, easy to use software. WIX providessimple templates that will let you set your site up as a blog. For Part I of the project, you have to pick a themefor your website. Students are asked to pick any theme related to the college experience. Here are somesuggested topics that might work for you.College study tipsCollege sportsMusic for college studentsDecorating your dorm roomCampus fashionsSpring break destinationsInternship informationCollege scholarshipsCollege foodsBest movies for college studentsBest television programs for college studentsHealthy eating for college studentsWorking out for college studentsOther – if you have your own business or a non-college topic of interest to you, please send me a message forapproval before continuing.

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