What caused the economic recession of 2008?

Introduction: In one (or at the most two) paragraph(s) introduce your topic. Give a brief summary of your essay in a few sentences. Remember to include a thesis statement which specifically sets out what you are proving to be true regarding the causes of the situation. It should be specific, logical, and clear.History/Background of Current Situation:Inform the reader about the facts necessary in knowing the angle of your topic. This may be included in your introduction or as the first body paragraph. Discuss the significant and relevant history of your topic up to the current situation and how it came to be.Evaluative Claim: (this can be included in either the background paragraph OR the conclusion) Once you have given a brief history/background of the current situation, briefly evaluate the situation as it is at present. Again, use research as appropriate to support your judgments. You are basically passing judgment on the situation, arguing evaluatively.Causal Argument:Demonstrate a link between the current situation and the causes for its condition. This will comprise the body of your paper. Use specific supporting detail/examples, and analyze all of your research thoroughly and with clarity. Remember that you should organize your paragraphs logically based on the causes’ significance, proximity, or relationship with one another. Possible models for organization:Examine 3 different causesExamine 3 aspects of a single causeGive thorough background, then examine 2 causesGive thorough background, then examine 2 aspects of a single causeEstablish a causal chain

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The post What caused the economic recession of 2008?

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