Witness mis-identification case.

Researching articles, websites, and videos/podcasts (Optional—ProQuest Central or LexisNexis Academic) for one(+) witness misidentification case

Ronald Cotton/Jennifer Thompson (Cannino); &/or Tim Cole/Michele Murray (Mallin) &/or Steven Avery/Penny (Penny Ann) Beerntsen (for example, for last case—see Forgiveness Project website or Radiolab, March 26, 2013. Season 11, Episode 5 “Reasonable Doubt” segment on “Are you Sure?” episode): https://www.wnyc.org/radio/#/ondemand/278180 Create 2(+) pages full of bulleted notes on what happened in the case that led to flaws, and what you think about them. Then you will organize the bullets into categories to make YOUR points—not just a list of information.

Sample Solution
The post Witness mis-identification case.

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