“working to restore local-level governance”

Dr. Vaughan starts off Chapter 6: Kia’a Carrying Kuleana into Governance, discussing how people have been “working to restore local-level governance” (p. 138). She focuses on the challenges that the Ha ‘ena community leaders and volunteers encountered when creating rules for protecting fisheries along coastal regions. Remember that this initiative took nine years before being signed into law and the following years were spent creating regulations to implement the new law.

Prompt: Think about the many parts of Chapters 6 and 7 of Dr. Vaugan’s study and the Ha’ena Public Hearing to discuss and respond to the difficulties that the local community faced in partnering with state and federal agencies. How does this compare to Dr. Marino’s ethnography where she discusses how the Inupiat have worked with various agencies to come up with a relocation plan and the issues that appear to be obstacles rather than benefits for the Shishmaref population. What suggestions can you provide that would make the process for indigenous people working with federal and state agencies a more productive and quicker process?

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The post “working to restore local-level governance”

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