3 Pages Term Paper

3 Pages Term Paper

Write a three page report on the application and challenges involved in implementing and Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for a private family medicine practice. The report must answer the following questions while adhering to the template provided by the instructor:

What are the most important functionalities of the EHR that needs to be implemented at the practice?Is it possible for any existing Practice Management Systems to be integrated with the EHR?Identify any two critical challenges in implementing the EHR.Identify any four critical advantages the EHR would provide to the practice.Explain how the EHR would satisfy the criteria of meaningful use.Explain how interoperability is possible with the use of the EHR.Explain how the EHR would work with a Health Information Exchange.

The following good practices can help in securing a higher grade for this assignment:

• Using references/citations appropriate to the content of the answer

• Providing examples that will support your answers or claims

Hint: Use the UCF library resources to access articles or other useful material that discusses the topics describes in the question statement. Based on the knowledge gathered from these materials develop your strategy/solution/ approach and describe it in your own words. If you are using any sentences or phrases used in the resource quote them using quotations (“…“) with an appropriate in text citation (example: [1]). Please make sure that you list all the resources that you have used in the reference list.

3 Pages Term Paper


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