8-1 Final Project Submission: Project Management Plan Report

Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand. Final Project Milestone Two: Project Charter and Stakeholder Management Plan You correctly used the template, covered all the areas required, used descriptions that were accurate, and kept it brief enough to be useful. To improve on this and other milestones in the future you must incorporate concepts from the PMBOK Guide. It is not enough to imply or assume the concept or principle applies — you must explain why and support your reasoning using terminology and principles drawn from PMBOK Guide. Also, as a reminder, for quotes and paraphrases of material — you must use citations and quotes to credit sources that provided information and content. See the rubric for score details and additional feedback. Final Project Milestone Three: Project Scope Management Plan The Scope Statement needs more detail and depth. You are missing citations and references that…
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