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Part 2 and the PowerPoint for part 2. about Part 1 I will give you just look part 1. I need do part 2 Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Paper All presentations need to include a 5-7 page executive summary detailing the project. To include, but not limited to: • How did you recognize the marketing needs? • Who is the target market for this marketing plan? o Explain why this is the target market you have chosen. • Discuss your marketing strategies and your advertising components. This is the narrative to your presentation that tells the story of your advertising. This should be a thorough write up of all your advertising. Again, tell the story of your advertising strategies. • Cost of plan. • Expected impact to the business? • Timelines of your marketing plan (total time not to exceed 3 months) • Include all your advertising components as a visual piece in your paper (added as an appendix item) • Reference page for all information researched and collected • Include your presentation in the appendix, no more than 2 slides per page.

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About Apple Company

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