Adult aging

Briefly skim through empirical research article by Wahl et al. (2013) “Severe vision and hearing impairment and successful aging: A multidimensional view” (attached).Do NOT start by doing an in-depth reading.Identify the key information by answering the following questions (Write 1-2 sentences (max.) for each question):a)What is the research question(s)? (There may be several research questions. If you are not familiar with reading an empirical journal article, you can choose ONE research question and answer the remaining questions below based on that research question.)b)What are the key variables? (How are they operationalized, how are they measured, did authors make any comments/concerns about reliability and validity?)c)Sample of the study?d)Which research design did the author use? (i.e., longitudinal, cross-sectional, sequential, time-lag)e)What are the main findings?f)What are the implications of the study? (Why is this research important?)g)(optional) Any comments or questions while reading the article and/or completing this assignment?

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Adult aging


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