Advocacy Project

Use this to develop and write your advocacy email. Refer to the highlighted sections only for this assignment.However, you can refer to the entire document if you need to develop a plan of action for advocacy (in thefuture) that involves meeting with elected officials such as state legislators. (NAMI Effective Advocacy Toolkit)

Are such incidents relevant to human services practice with clients? In other words, are incidents suchas these likely to impact certain groups of clients?• If yes, then elaborate upon these impacts/consequences.• If no, then provide a strong justification for your answer.Human service professionals are required to consider the National Organization of Human Services’ethical standards in professional decision making. Identify which ethical standards may apply tounderstanding and addressing such incidents (Hint: Check out the standards pertaining toResponsibility to the Public and Society). Provide a brief justification as to why you believe thesestandards may apply to such incidents.What steps would you take as a human service practitioner to ensure that people-in-power (policecommissioners, lawmakers, funders, community leaders, etc.) take appropriate action to prevent suchincidents?• Ideally, your response to this question (5) are influenced solely by the NOHS ethical standards. Ifyou believe that the standards are not sufficient enough to address such incidents, then state so andclarify what would be your course of action as a human service professional to ensure that peoplein-power dowhat is needed.• Ideally, your response to this question (5) is based on what you believe to be the reason for suchincidents (so keep in mind your choice for question 2), but this is not a requirement. So if you donot want to be restricted by your choice for question 2, then that is acceptable.• Clearly specify what needs to change or what the change would look like.

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Advocacy Project


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