Africa south of the Sahara

Identify and discuss the consequences of the slave trade and colonialization on Africa countries and peoples ofAfrican descent worldwide.To ensure that you respond to this question in a systematic manner, this issue has been broken down into subquestions, each with its own assigned points and must be responded to, each with its own paragraph. It is inyour best interest to follow the same order listed.

When were the first meaningful contacts with the African South of the Sahara and for what purpose? Identifythe major European country and specified parts of Africa where this relationship started? (5 points)When did this relationship change into a full-scale slave trade and why? When did this trade in humans endand how was it abolished? (5 points)The Berlin conference is generally regarded as the beginning of the formal colonialization of Africa. Whocalled this conference and for what purpose? List the countries that participated and discuss some of theoutcomes. (5 points)Compare and contrast the colonialization policies of Britain, France Portugal, and Belgium in theadministration of their respective African countries. Include summative impressions of those policies. (10points)In your opinion, what are the lasting impacts of slavery and colonialization on Africa and peoples of Africandescent worldwide? (5 points)Look over these links and also use other sites to research these questions and answer each question in detail.

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Africa south of the Sahara

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