Air transportation

elect a major US commercial air carrier and discuss how your selected airline relates to the selected topics listed below. Write a minimum of 2000 word paper, using proper APA formatting and a minimum of 5 (5-7) references from any source necessary to gather your information. Ensure you have reviewed the syllabus for further instructions and details for this assignment.-Explain the history of your airline and describe its economic, structural, and competitive characteristics pre and post deregulation. -Identify the various route structure and product alternatives, the costs and benefits of each, and means for achieving product differentiation. -Identify the various airline departments and the role of each in planning, development, and execution of flight operations -Describe airline cost structure, the nature of fixed, variable, and controllable costs, and methods employed by your selected carrier to obtain sustainable competitive cost advantages over other carriers. -Discuss the methods of Revenue Management used by your selected air carrier and how it relates to other industries.

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Air transportation

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