Analysis of a Malware Specimen

Instructions: Please answer the following questions, your initial post should consist of two to three paragraphsof original content by the due date displayed above. Be sure to properly cite all references to outside materialsuch as articles, websites, books, and periodicals.Please review the video by Ralph Langner posted under course materials for unit #10 entitled “CrackingStuxnet, a 21st-century cyber weapon” presented in February of 2011 at TED. Then answer the followingquestions:

How does Langner approach stuxnet using a static and dynamic analysis?Apply the goals of analyzing a suspect program on the powerpoint to Langner’s discussion of stuxnet, howdoes he follow a similar analysis of one of the most complex malware programs ever written?How does this targeted malware approach have an impact on digital forensics?Youtube Link:

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Analysis of a Malware Specimen

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