Analyzing a company’s brand

The goal of this plan is to analyze a company’s brand (Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord)and so you can create your own Brandscript. Utilize the company’s website to help you answer the questions. You will find page number references from the textbook StoryBrand to guide you. Simply copy the questions and write a brief answer to each question.

What are three potential gaps between what the customer (character) has and what the company has to offer? (45-48)Which one of these gaps do they, and should they, focus on for their StoryBrand?What is the desire of the customer (character)?How will does the company help them win the day? (p. 75-76)How does the brand offer empathy?What should they add to offer empathy? (78-80)How does the brand demonstrate authority?What should they add to demonstrate authority? (80-82)How do they want their friends and customers to see them? (p. 135-6)How do you imagine their customers want their friends to see them?

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Analyzing a company’s brand

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