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Hey do you think that you can complete this assignment and if so how much. I do not think its that many pages. Please let me know if you need me to send you over the Module 1 assignment.  If you can not do the assignment please let me know early tomorrow. It has a title page and reference page.  M4 Assignment 2 Submission – Submit Files Submission Folder InformationSubmission FolderM4 Assignment 2 SubmissionTurnitin OriginalityCheck enabledInstructionsAssignment 2: Final Project: Introduction, Literature Review, and Methods SectionIn this assignment you will update the methods section for your research paper and add your introduction and literature review.The introduction and literature review should address your research question: why it is important, and how prior research does or does not support your hypothesis, as well as providing a background on what we know about this topic.Please refer to the material on the components of a research…
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