Battle of Cowpens (BG Morgan)

Students will analyze a commander’s performance in a pre-approved historical battle. This analysis will evaluate how effectively or ineffectively the commander executed 4 of 7 Mission Command Principles: Competence, Mutual Trust, Shared Understanding, Commander’s Intent, Mission Order, Disciplined Initiative, and Risk Acceptance. Students will also address how the commander’s use of those principles affected the battle’s outcome.

DO NOT DEFINE ANY of the 7 mission principles. That will be considered common knowledge for this. Summary of the battle should be less than 1 paragraph

There needs to be a bibliography and end notes page. DO NOT number the end notes with roman numerals. Use regular numbers. I DO NOT want lines on the bibliography OR end notes page

The battle for this paper is the Battle of Cowpens and the commander is BG Morgan

Sample Solution
The post Battle of Cowpens (BG Morgan)


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