Best Practices in Early Childhood Education

1.Identify one issue presented in each chapter (12 and 14) that you continue to be unsure about. Refer to the latest issues of several professional journals such as Young Children and the Reading Teacher (other peer reviewed journals may be explored) to learn more about the identified issue. Indicate the topic of your research; summarize one article that helped you gain a better understanding; provide a reflection expressing your new understanding. 500 words2.Summarize and reflect on Additional Readings #7 and 8 (200 words for each)

(make up a question that ties to reading)Select one (1) question posited by each member of the pair.Each pair member will answer the question. The response should discuss the ideas in depth, critically examine and question the ideas, and make connections to the readings as well as any other relevant sources. The response should also represent different perspectives, justified by the either the literature, standards, or students’ professional experiences.

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Best Practices in Early Childhood Education

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