Biology Lab Identifying the culprit

Please read “Explore the Issue Being Investigated” and “Gain an Overview of the Experiment”. You will also need to read the original research paper to answer some of the questions, but it is short and easy to read. Then run the virtual experiment exploring the original paper looking at the relationship between UV-B light and amphibian survival. Do all the steps, reading all the parts carefully. You will need to know the information to answer the questions. Fill in the answers to the lab report as you do the experiment. When you get to the end (step 6), click on the Deformities button at the bottom of the page to carry out another experiment on the effect of UV-B on amphibian deformities. At the end of that one, click on the ‘run a related experiment’ button at the bottom of the page to look at the effect of DNA repair enzymes on UV-B damage to amphibians. You must have results from 3 different experiments to get full points for this lab. Please use complete sentences and proper grammar and spelling throughout your lab report. Answer questions thoroughly and completely to get full credit.

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Biology Lab Identifying the culprit

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