BUIS2501: Computer Applications in Business

  Assessment 2 – Practical Assignment Modules 2 and 3 Productivity Applications and Online Collaboration Tools           CONTENTS Pages 2 – 3 Assignment instructions/steps Page 4 Assignment submission guide Page 5 Marking Rubric The aim of this assignment is to combine skills learned during Module 2 Productivity Applications (MS Word and MS PowerPoint) with those from Module 3 Online Collaboration Tools (eMail and File Sharing). You must complete the following tasks as shown below:   Part A – Create PowerPoint Presentation [15 marks] Step 1 – Create a short PowerPoint presentation to introduce an Information Technology (IT) or Business related topic that you are interested in. Slide limit – you must create and use 6 slides (cover slide, 4 body slides, end slide Make sure that your student ID and name are shown on the cover slide. Text Limit – max 6 lines x 6 words…
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