bus 100 summary

I’m studying and need help with a Business question to help me learn. Dear Class, For this second summary assignment, your task is to compose a summary of the Chapter 3 Discussion Case – “Gravity Payments”. This summary should be between 75-120 words in length (approximately 10%-15% of the original text), and must be written in basic APA format. This assignment is due Monday, February 24. Some summary writing tips: Spend a few minutes reviewing the grading rubric attached to this assignment. The grading rubric provides information about how your work will be assessed. Remember, the purpose of a summary is not storytelling. Your job is to report. This means your focus should be on telling the reader what the content of the Discussion Case is. Use present tense reporting verbs and transitions. There is a reporting verb worksheet in the Course Content section of our Blackboard page You need…
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