Business Continuity Plan

Imagine that you are the IT manager for the only print shop in a small town in Idaho. The shop is connected to the internet by satellite link. Orders are received via the internet as well as by walk-ins with portable storage drives or smart phones that can transfer files via Bluetooth network.

Write a four to five (4-5) business continuity plan (BCP) in which you:

Identify the organization’s exposure to internal and external threats.
Identify ways that the organization can maintain its risk.
Describe the foreseen security risks.
Assess the importance of training the shop personnel on security risks.
Recommend at least two (2) strategies for continually improving the quality and effectiveness of the BCP.
Analyze the organizational risks inherent in the execution of the BCP plan.

Perform a business impact analysis for a provided scenario. Create a business continuity plan (BCP) based on the findings of a given risk assessment for an organization. Describe the components of an effective organizational risk management program. Use technology and information resources to research issues in IT risk management.

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Business Continuity Plan

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