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Decisions for Quarter One and Quarterly Business Review [WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 3, 4] Part I: Decisions for Quarter One. Prior to working on your Decisions for Quarter One, review the following through the Growing Your Business simulation, the “Suggestions for Quarter 1” pop-up screen, any Quarter One Internal Emails and/or Memos, and watch the Preparing Your Financial Commitments video. The pop-up will be available at the lower left (Blue Guidelines) of the Executive Summary Decisions Tab and the video, emails, and memos can be re-accessed through the Help section.  Additionally, read Turning bean counters into difference makers: How corporate finance is changing with the times, Why financial dashboards matter, and Five pointers to get you started, and What are your financial statements telling you. The Decisions for Quarter One Assignment Must be completed through the Growing Your Business simulation. Consider the following questions as you prepare your annual budget/plan (if…
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