Business operation and system of OfO

In this assignment, you are required to analyze Ofo’s operations in Hong Kong through respective research and study of Part I, II and III of this assignment.

(You are also permitted, upon approval of the lecturer to propose other organization operating in Hong Kong as your target of research and study in lieu of Ofo)

You may find the information for Ofo (or the approved organization) online, in Keynotes in the Library, Company reports, cases online, and the financial press. The literature sources should be books, journals, refereed papers and appropriate online sources. You should find the sources of information that you will use to deliver the three respective assessment parts. Your submission should address the following 3 Parts:

Part 1

By considering the specific operations strategy and performance objectives of Ofo it can be argued that Ofo in Hong Kong are focused on satisfying its customers’ requirements through a sharing economy business model which are dependable services at reasonable market price, as well as through strategic partnerships or other means to provide its customers the quality services they offer.

In this part, you should compare and contrast different models used by Ofo in Hong Kong operates and recommend appropriate solutions to continue being competitive in the market, make customers to select their services/to buy their products (issues to consider including service design and quality, customer value chain, cost implications and sustainability etc).

Part 2

For the new system you should include Root Definition, CATWOE and produce a detailed “Rich Picture” (hand drawn is acceptable) to fully illustrate your answer. Your rich picture must indicate the problems as well as the solution. (Not included in the word count).

Tips: Structure for part two:

Rich picture (fully illustrating part one).Root Definition (based on your chosen solution).Table for CATWOE (this is to test the Root Definition).

Part 3

Discuss how the managers would turn performance objectives into operations priorities and the resources that would be necessary for effective implementation of the suggested improvement/new process (about five hundred words).

Sample Solution
Business operation and system of OfO

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